Tuesday, May 19, 2009

day #1


Lesson: day #1 - eating locally with (no) or reduced transport options is impossible without preparation

Not used to having a meat only dinner - also my first day of no coffee for sometime so it will be a very early night - very tired

8.30pm dinner was delicious; Jackie tells me that Nelson was a very happy cow that was patted and cuddled everyday and was never scared not even at the end (this is the closest I have been to true source of meat in sometime)

7.30pm dinner is on with the only produce i could get today - the meat and eggs from Jackie - not what i expected - i expected fruit and vegetables and herbs - thank goodness for friends (and my thanks also to Nelson the cow for gracing my table).

6.30pm have had round trip to North Sydney by train for a client meeting - one of the partners agreed to take train with me (instead of usual time efficient taxi) and we got drenched before meeting clients - understanding but maybe the meeting didnt go as well as it should have gone - back in city now time to get a ferry home - meat and eggs in hand and with my umbrella - tired and hungry

3.30pm food parcel from Sydney acreage has arrived - 2 doz eggs and steaks from a cow that was called Nelson... off to North Sydney meeting best option time and environment public transport is a train (not enought time before meeting to walk)

2pm response to yesterday's call for help from Jackie who is bringing me a food parcel - she'll be in the city in the next hour to drop off the food at the office - backyard produce swap this time is bigger than the chokoes passionfruit and rhubarb of my childhood (and the backyard is just a bit further away but totally in scope!)

1.10pm i've walked the radius of my office for more than an hour and have been unable to find any food within the 100mile radius - some fruit stands had no produce for sale from this state - very helpful fruit stand Pitt Street near Martin Place and Rowe Street even got the box out from his van with the postcode for his mostly local fruit but Batlow is outside the 100miles. Fruit in bowl is staring at me as I havent eaten today - as a stubborn Taurus I will not give in. Confirming radius for 100miles friend Rob found link for me - thanks.

11.50am much laughter and I'm so glad I came into the office although I had no appointments today (and could have worked from home) - community of our team - sympatico of spirit - joy and laughter balances skills and focus

11.25am so far I've only had water, with a new start and clean fridge, and no preparatory shopping foraging or other sourcing ... there is no food to eat in the office during business hours that meets my challenge - one more hour and i'll walk the CBD streets to see if I can indeed access any food in my location that is known to be within 100mile region ... walking to tap each glass of my coffee replacement water realise I should have a jug at my desk

10.30am phone Craig at Soul Passion Gladesville as each Wednesday he brings in excess fresh produce from his father-in-laws acreage to the shop - joy he has kept me a bag to pick up this afternoon so I'll be cooking from this windfall for my evening meal

9.30am and usually I would have my coffee by now but will be avoiding coffee all week (not just because of 100 mile region, but also because of all the 'other' issues surrounding fairer trade - this will be my most challenging change I suspect because I am traditionally a big coffee drinker)

8.25am public transport option waiting for ferry with no umbrella (and no protection by awning) ask school child to put his umbrella and keep us both dry - on ferry received smiles from neighbour Frank (I'd planned to be the one who engages in community and smiles at neighbours so delighted) - iPhone not working AGAIN so no tweeting or blogging in transit (withdrawal symptoms setting in)

7am Wake to rain on first day of the challenge. Considering new options as the plan to walk to shop now thrown out the window; all my umbrellas have somehow migrated to the CBD office

12.34am Wednesday its after midnight and i've accepted the Live Local Challenge...

so inspired after tonight's launch dinner for http://www.livelocal.org.au/ where I met so many interesting informed passionate and knowledgable people SO INSPIRING

my challenge to play my part in living locally for a week, rebuilding community, thinking about sustainable choices

food is a major influence on life and environment and community

I've cleaned out my fridge and I'm starting from scratch in my choices for food, water, transport, relationships and interactions ...

Sleep now, then more during each day on the choices I'm making

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