Saturday, May 23, 2009

day #5

Sunday night rest and relaxing in the most local of my communities: home.

6.00pm early Sunday night dinner with the left over beef and capsicum from yesterday - sides are new additions from the Eveleigh market purchases dry roasted pumpkin with sage and lightly steamed sugar snaps

4.00pm and the afternoon has got away with those tasks that keep a home running - always mindful of my impact on our world, I try to make the best choices - eucalyptus oil for cleaning, don't spin if I am using the washing machine and reuse the last rinse water for next wash

2.30pm late lunch after the neighbourhood walk - its always hello and a nod in my neighbourhood - and a few of the weekly chores (washing hung on the line as it always is for me - I don't even own a dryer) lunch was all 100mile region produce: mesclun (lettuce) and edible flowers looked pretty sitting outdoors with two poached Hawksbury River eggs on the side

11.00am I know all my immediate neighbours and many in the area, and thinking I might just take a stroll to enjoy the weather. I love my suburb's natural beauty and in spring I call it my purple village when all the jacarandas are in bloom. I'll have figs for breakfast before I stroll out the door.

10.30am Sunday sleepin - well I was awake much earlier and decided just to lie and enjoy the softness of the covers - hot water with lemon (from yesterdays Eveleigh market purchases) on rising - its such a glorious day!

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