Thursday, May 21, 2009

day #3

Lesson: day #3 - most venues (restaurants, cafes, bars) not aligned with a focus on local produce and also a lack of awareness there in from where their produce comes - impact is social activities around food in our city are not easily aligned with a regional focus

today more offers of help from everyone - my managing partner will bring mint for my tea on Monday - still though supported in others finding a lack of understanding in why I might be doing this

lasat ferry home and early to bed - finding myself wanting to sleep much earlier in the evening than my normal night owl hours - perhaps a change in body clocks without the prop from the coffee I am very much missing

5.00pm again another social challenge meeting visiting food PR specialist from UK and where to go to fit our timetables and not partake of anything but local 100 mile food - met and organised for my tap water but delighted to find some very local mushrooms and spinach in the kitchen which were lightly prepared

this has been one of my greatest parts of the challenges in that while i often cook from scratch, and I am mindful of using fresh local and seasonal produce, that a lot of the social aspect of my life has been reduced by not being able to eat out with friends - our lives often not planned - just like this spur of the moment gathering - needing an eatery that is closeby - thinking it will be the same this evening that i'll probably forego Friday drinks for the same reason

12.30am ate my two soft boiled eggs brought from home, and as soon as I finished two of the boys asked me to go out to lunch - would enjoy the company although I couldnt eat the food - a first for me to eat out without eating

meetings emails snowed under at the desk

9.30am rhubarb and orange at the desk on a busy day

8.30am introduced myself to the woman sitting in front of me on the boat - we've smiled before but today we exchanged names - and then this prompted another woman to meet introduce herself too - happy - increasing community

8.20am running out the door nearly disaster for the day as I nearly forgot my prepared food

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  1. you're a legend - doing great & really being an inspiration to me & others