Sunday, May 24, 2009

day #6

Kate Carruthers (my co-challenger) day #6

and here's my day too

7.30am and its watercress soup - a large fresh bunch from Darling Mills Farm purchased at Eveleigh markets on Saturday and the last leaf or two of spinach, maybe a little herbs on to simmer then blended to puree for warm heartening sustainenance (and still all exclusively from produce within a 100mile radius of my home)

7.00pm last ferry home and the deckhand was the same girl as this morning - all smiles - as she asked me how my celebrations went today on the launch of new food blogsite - thank you Matilda cruises for the friendliest staff around

5.00pm an interview that was scheduled for tomorrow arrives - the other person who should have been conducting the interview with me was away at other meetings - I get started but have to bring him back in tomorrow for 8am

3.00pm visit to Mirabelle to meet up with Angela (owner of BambiniTrust) and to discuss a social gathering for our team - cocktail food and drinks on an upcoming Friday night (for 60)

1.00pm it would have been delicious had I cooked it at home but alas the limited kitchen facilities (microwave) and lack of seasoning (I should have brought herbs due to not eating salt during the challenge) meant the omelette was fine but not as delicious as it could have been

12.30m local produce from home to make lunch spinach + tomato + 2 eggs = omelette

9.10am in the office and starting the day after my morning scramble with hot water with lemon - where is everyone? all but one late on this Monday morning

9.00am walked past the coffee stand outside the Radisson hotel and I sure have a hankering for it - feeling good though

8.25am just got the last morning ferry, with dripping wet hair, and no makeup, but remembered my home prepared lunch from local produce, and half a lemon to slice in how water in place of coffee or tea - not sure if was a good idea in crisp autumn weather but I sat outside to let the wind sweep through my hair as my hairdryer - and arrived at Circular Quay with my new windswept look

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