Wednesday, May 20, 2009

day #2

Lesson: day #2 - ask for help from friends and community when you need it - all of my food these two days has been windfall and there are more offers of help on the way - people have truly generous hearts - lots of love

Didnt make the chocolate cake after all as although I'll be using 100mile challenge eggs I am determined to stay pure and the temptation to eat it with the boys at work might just be too great? more than that its too late and I want to hit the pillow ...

11.15pm time for rest, after I put the two eggs I just boiled in the fridge for tomorrow. I decided the spinach was much too young and delicious and will have them as salad with the eggs tomorrow.

10.00pm oh my the rhubarb and orange was good - a little tart due to no sweetening - but even more delightful for being so (hard to leave some for breakfast)

9.00pm rhubarb and orange underway and as always contributions from twitter community ehance life suggestion for rhubarb and orange sorbet will use some of the abundant mixture for variety

8.30pm dinner of a small slice of Nelson perfectly cooked on the rare side of medium rare, with a cup of the lovely baby silverbeet (almost too good to cook but its cold) - rhubarb on now with some of the oranges (no other sweetening or additions) so it stays not only local, 100mile but also windfall - how fabulous is that

6.55pm nearly missed the boat (the last ferry home) - I'm lucky and Lane Cove cruise service waited for me as they saw me running down the ramp - they're great that way

5.30pm coffee meet up with a friend (for me without the coffee) lots to catchup on never get through what we want to talk about - she found out about my challenge at our meeting - offered my chokoes from her backyard - said there is loads of them! more windfall produce for the asking - community - friendship - wonderful!

3.30pm another of the delicious oranges from Dural - not sure I usually eat this much during the day (I normally fill up on coffee) this has got to be better for me: healthier more nutricious and I'm certainly drinking much more water as my only current beverage choice

2pm the boys have convinced me I should cook them a chocolate cake: community spirit part of the living local challenge - yes of course I never say no to cooking for them - its just during the challenge I wont be sharing (chocolate, sugar, wheat not local) - will cook tonight for them to enjoy tomorrow

1.30pm three of us in the office today around lunchtime and discussion reverts to our favourite topic - stories of growing up with fresh produce, how our grandmothers cooked, bottled sauces, homemade sausages, homemade bread, community cooking weekends ... now boys back to your IT work

1.00pm cooked up the acreage ingredients i brought into the CBD - delicious backyard produce of zucchini, spinach, small sweet green capsicum with an egg (when did I forget how the freshest of fresh could taste so good!)

9.30am was local Dural oranges for breakfast - happy and delicious start to the day

9.00am oh withdrawals walking past my usual coffee haunt

8.30am looking at jellyfish at the wharf, and knowing that jellyfish are eaten in Chinese cuisine. wonder how I can find out whether they could be a food source

7.00am delight that fruit and vegetables from Dural have arrived thanks to local shop owner Craig; delighted that they are small sweet fresh produce

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